As a freelancer your time is how you make money. You must be dilligent in tracking and billing for this hours. Minor lapses in time tracking will cost you thousands at the end of the year. Not only track your time but record what you accomplished during those times.

Small Teams

Track what your team is doing and what hours they're billing. Be able to monitor your team's progress without over communication and distrations.

Groups of Contractors

Many times freelancers will join together and work on a project. LessTimeSpent has the ability for each member to pay for their own usage of the app or pay for a whole time.

Who built this?

LessTimeSpent is a time tracking app made by your friends at Less Accounting. The app lets you record your billable hours in real time, or you can add blocks of time after you've completed them. it also integrates with our simple accounting application to seamlessly create invoices so you can get paid.

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